How to convert multiple images to one single PDF with LibreOffice



You may have been using scanner very often in your daily work at office. There are chances that your scanner can only scan to image format, but you need to convert it to PDF in order to send it to someone, or just for archive purpose.

If the scanned document has only one page (i.e., one image), it will be easy to convert it to pdf. However, if there are thousands of pages, it would be a nightmare to convert them to pdf by inserting images to Writer or any other text processor one-by-one.

Luckily, we have LibreOffice Impress, which contains a handy tool called “Photo Album” to do this kind of task. To convert many images located in a folder sorted in order, just do the following:

  1. Open LibreOffice and create a new Impress document;
  2. Go to Page > Slide Properties and set the page size to fit your scanned images. It is most likely A4 or US Letter size. Also set the page orientation to fit your images.
  3. Insert > Media > Photo Album. Click “Add” and select the images you want to convert. You can select multiple images by holding the Ctrl key or Shift key. You can also adjust the orders on this dialog.
  4. Click “Insert Slides”.

It’s easy and powerful, isn’t it?



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